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How to Use a Screenwriting Trick to Fix Your Broken Story

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Do you know what a logline is? If you’re not a screenwriter, chances are good that you don’t. And that’s a shame, because loglines are great tools for any writer.

M. W. Catlin‘s insight:

Premise statement….log line.    Log line….premise statement.   Great tools no matter what.

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Story Judgment – Good or Bad?

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The 12 Essential QuestionsEvery Writer Should Answer 8. Main Character Judgment: Good or Bad? As an author, you can temper the story’s Outcome by providing a Judgment as to whether the Main Charact…

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New Voice at Lighthouse: Micro-Interview with Drew Wilson

This is a great writing center in Denver, and now they have someone smart and talented to handle the coms.

The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog

You may have noticed a new voice at Lighthouse–in our e-news, on our Facebook page, even in your own head! It’s the fine and fabulous Drew Wilson, who took over as our director of marketing and communication starting late February. We’re pleased to belatedly introduce him to all who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting him. Here are a few questions to get you acquainted with Drew, who had reason to mention in this micro space a number of provocative things, which I’ll dangle to encourage further reading: insane asylum, “marital aid,” the death of the soul, and talking to animals.

Q. What was your favorite book as a kid?

My favorite books were comic books, preferably written by Chris Claremont and starring Kitty Pryde. 139Big-_Kitty_Pryde

Q. What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had (no fair counting Lighthouse)?

Mature Audiences Only Answer: Marital Aid Tester/Reviewer!!!

All Ages Answer: Paparazzi for…

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