Monthly Archives: August 2012

You Begin at the Beginning

A good beginning makes a good end.

English Proverb

There is a reason we begin at the beginning of an creative work. There is simply no place else to begin.  There is a moment of inspiration; an idea or some intellectual musing, and we decide to follow it, where ever it will take us.  We begin at the beginning because it really is impossible to completely know where it will take you.  What it means.  What it wants to be.   Surely, you can force an idea into a particular shape, impose your will upon it, make it submit.  But, is that the best way to create?   I think its safe to say; great works of art have been created in this manner.  It’s not, however, the way for me.

For me the beginning, that original inspiration-idea-is the starting point from which we begin a process of discovery.  I feel the need to discover a balance between the intellectual knowingness of what it is I am trying to create and the desire to hold my hand lightly on the “tiller” of the idea; a kind of I-don’t-know-knowingness.

On Monday I started working with 7 women who all have various levels of experience as writers and are, to a person, looking to develop 7 unique and interesting stories.

It was fun to begin with them.   One has 5 drafts of a screenplay, another barely has a noodling of an idea and has never really written anything.  They’ve come together to begin an exploration of story.  They want to discover what is the story they mean to tell.

I’m excited and honored they want to work with me.   It’s going to be a blast!